Product Summary

The 'NJT Bank Assistant' is a Microsoft Excel workbook that provides a structured approach to achieve a bank reconciliation, driven by the bank statement. Internet banking is required to download your bank statement, which is then imported into the workbook. This product is designed as a companion application for use with the 'VT Transaction+' and 'VT Cash Book' book keeping packages supplied by VT Software Limited.

The workbook contains a customised application developed in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The software application runs automatically when the workbook is opened and interacts with the user by displaying a series of 'User' Forms (Windows). The worksheets are not accessed in the traditional way and are therefore hidden from view.

Microsoft Windows: Windows 7 onwards. Both Windows '32-bit' and '64-bit' versions are supported.
Note: It is highly recommended that all Windows & Microsoft Updates are installed. The most effective way to do this is to configure your computer to install 'Windows' Updates automatically and to tick the 'Microsoft' options box.
The 'Windows Update' routine can be found within your Windows 'Control Panel'. Then click on 'Change Settings'.

Microsoft Excel: Excel 2007 (service pack 3) onwards.
Note: Only Microsoft Excel '32-bit' versions are supported.

The VT Software bookkeeping package needs to be installed before using the Bank Assistant.

  • Import bank statements downloaded in 'Excel/CSV' format. Currently supports Barclays, Co-Op, HSBC Bank and Credit Cards, Lloyds, NatWest, RBS and Santander On-Line bank accounts. Additional banks can be supported on a request basis.

  • Supports multiple bank accounts including non-UK Currency accounts. For example 'Euro' bank accounts. The 'Business' Licence allows access to multiple VT Company files.

  • Match VT bank account transactions against the bank statement at the click of a button. Displays unmatched transactions in an Exceptions list. Highlights 'Close matches' (Called an 'Assumed match'). Also highlights Customer & Supplier transactions that are awaiting invoice allocation.

  • A useful Administrative function called 'Create Generic Transactions', enables the creation of VT bank transactions for a range of bank statement transactions at the click of a button. For example, an empty VT File can be populated quickly by importing a bank statement for the whole accounting period.

  • Supports the processing of Bank Deposit Lists using pre-designed Excel templates including UK and Currency receipts. This process also supports VAT amounts and sales invoice allocations. A single VT Bank Receipt transaction (REC) is created in the VT application containing an analysis entry for each of the deposited items. Translation differences and VAT Output transactions are calculated and created automatically.

  • Supports customised Transaction Types. Also supports built-in and customised ledger Analysis Lists. For example, Departments, CostCentres and Currencies.

  • Supports the creation & amendment of individual bank transactions from the bank statement including Currency amounts, UK/Euro VAT amounts, Proforma invoices and sales/purchase invoice allocations. The analysis account is selected via a drop down list. A Bank Receipt (REC) transaction, Bank Payment (PAY) or customised transaction is created automatically in VT. Note: the Transaction Type can be selected via a drop down list.

  • Perform a VT bank reconciliation from within the Bank Assistant.

  • Archive 'Reconciled' bank statement transactions. This process can be reversed using the 'Recall' routine.

  • Backup and restore all Bank Assistant data. Can be used, for example, to restore data following a new product release.

Version 10.8 Now available

Includes: Improved bank reconciliation, VAT cash accounting and proforma invoices, Listitems (including Departments, CostCentres and customised lists), Customised Transaction Types, Process currency receipts deposited into UK Bank (Calculates exchange differences) and Import HSBC Credit Card bank statements.

Latest 'Bank Assistant' Release - Version 10.8 (15th July 2020)

Summary of Recent Releases

V10.8 (15 Jul 2020) - Combined the 'Trader' and 'Agency' Licences into One new 'Business' Licence and various Defect fixes.
V10.7 (06 Jul 2020) - Improved Analysis Entry search function and various Defect fixes.
V10.6 (25 Mar 2019) - Improved scope of 'Refresh' and various Defect fixes.
V10.5 (30 Sept 2018) - Improved speed of 'Refresh' and various Defect fixes.
V10.4 (11 June 2018) - Defect fixes to 'Refresh' and 'Bank Reconciliation.
V10.3 (20 May 2018) - Defect fixes to Ledgers list in 'Create Tansaction'.
V10.2 (18 May 2018) - Defect fixes to 'Create Tansaction' and 'Bank Reconciliation.
V10.1 (04 Apr 2018) - Minor defect fixes following version 10.0 major release.
V10.0 (01 Apr 2018) - New Bank Rec, VAT Cash Accounting, Proforma Invoices, List Items, Customised Transaction Types.