Dashboard Form

The Dashboard is the main controlling form and is displayed when the workbook is opened. Subsequent forms are displayed using the buttons on the Dashboard. For example: Add a new trader, Request and display a 'Trader' status report from HMRC, Create or amend a VAT return, Display a receipt on the screen, Print or save a receipt as a PDF document, renew the product licence.

Certain buttons may be displayed or hidden depending on the condition of a VAT Return. Also the button description may change in particular circumstances. For example, the 'Display Receipt' button is displayed only where the status of the VAT Return is 'Accepted'.

VAT Dashboard

'End to End' Outline Process

Using the Dashboard form:
Using the VAT Return form:
Using the Submission Form:
Using the Dashboard form:
General Note:
If the submission is successful, a confirmation message is displayed on screen. If the submission is rejected, an error message is displayed on screen. This error message is saved and can be displayed later using the conditional 'Display Error' button.