VAT Submission Form

The Submission form is normally activated by the 'Live' or 'Test' buttons within the 'Submit' frame, resident in the VAT Return form. This is the final step before submission to HMRC.

For information, no passwords are saved by this product. Additionally, all passwords are encrypted before submission using the HMRC required MD5 128-bit algorithm. The full name is 'Message Digest algorithm 5 cryptographic hash'.
News Update: On the 13th August 2018, HMRC issued an instruction stating VAT Return submissions containing MD5 encryption would be no longer accepted after 20th April 2019. Consequently, the encryption was removed in version 8.0, released on 19th August 2018.

VAT Submission
The Submission Process Explained

This process comprises of the following steps:

The Submission status is updated following each step. Under normal circumstances the whole process is completed within 15 seconds, during which the status will change from 'Draft' to 'Accepted'.

However, certain circumstances might prevent the process from completing. For example, due to a delay/problem in obtaining a response from the HMRC department. If this situation occurs a message is displayed on screen and the process is ended. The VAT Return can be completed at a later time using the 'Submit' button on the Dashboard.

The Submission Status Explained