Product Summary

The 'NJT VAT Return Manager (Old Style)' bridging software is an application, within a Microsoft Excel workbook, that provides a quick and secure online filing of the 'Old Style' 9-Box VAT Returns to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) legacy system. HMRC normally accepts submissions within 9 seconds. The term 'Old Style' means submission of VAT Returns to the HMRC 'None MTD' legacy system.

This product contains a customised application developed in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The software runs automatically when the workbook is opened and interacts with the user by displaying various User Forms (Windows). The worksheets are not accessed in the traditional way and are therefore hidden from view.

Microsoft Windows: Windows 7 onwards. Both Windows '32-bit' and '64-bit' versions are supported.
Microsoft Excel: Excel 2007 (service pack 3) onwards.
Note: Only Microsoft Excel '32-bit' versions are supported.

Plus a reliable internet connection.

  • Designed for use by single Traders or Agencies that manage returns for multiple Clients.
  • HMRC normally accepts submissions within 9 seconds.
  • Facility to import VAT returns from the 'VT Transaction+' or 'VT Cash Book' book keeping packages.
  • Facility to import VAT returns from a pre-defined CSV file.
  • Facility to import VAT Returns from Excel using the custom designed 'NJT VAT Return Form' workbook. This workbook is available to download from this website.
  • HMRC responses can be viewed on screen, printed or saved as PDF file.
  • Rejected submissions can be amended then re-submitted.
  • Retains a full history of submissions including all technical data files returned by HMRC.
  • Trader 'submission status' reports can be obtained from HMRC as required.
  • Copy receipts can be obtained from HMRC for up to a period of 60 days.
  • Facility to backup and restore all data. Can be used, for example, to restore data following a new product release.
  • This product has received formal recognition by HMRC for Live submissions and is fully compliant with HMRC security and encryption requirements.
  • The Product is listed on the official UK Government website, which can be viewed via www.GOV.UK. Search for 'VAT Suppliers' then scroll down and click on link 'Software Suppliers for VAT Returns and EC Sales List'. Then click on the Document link 'VAT Returns and EC Sales List: Commercial software suppliers'. Then scroll down the alphabetical list to find 'Neilson James Technology'. To view the 'Recognised' Suppliers List [Click Here]

Latest 'VAT Return Manager (Old Style)' Release - Version 8.3 (16th October 2018)
Summary of Recent Releases

V8.3 (16 Oct 2018) - Defect Fixes - Corrected the VAT Number check digit validation, plus 2 other minor defect fixes.
V8.2 (03 Oct 2018) - Defect Fix - Amended the routine that allows selection of traders via a dropdown list. Incorrect trader was displayed when the Trader Name contained round brackets.
V8.1 (28 Aug 2018) - Improved the internet connection status routine. Set the minimum Zoom on Forms to 75%. Applied minor cosmetic changes. The 'Save & Close' routine now automatically closes Excel where no other workbooks are open. Applied minor defect fixes.
V8.0 (19 Aug 2018) - Removed the MD5 encryption as instructed by HMRC. Improved the System Details display. Now also includes a check for the installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Scripting libraries. This is for information only as these libraries are only required for the separate MTD product. However, this gives you an indication of whether the MTD software will be compatible with your current computer configuration.
V7.9 (18 Aug 2018) - Amended various Forms so that they no longer lock Excel when open. Now remembers the last folder selected during Import for each Trader/Client. Corrected the 'Backup' routine to include the Last Import option used by each Trader/Client.
V7.8 (02 Jul 2018) - Now automatically checks for the availability of New Product Versions. Also improved the 'Purchase Licence' routine when activating a 'Trader' Licence for the first time.
V7.7 (19 Jun 2018) - Resolved HMRC log-in error '1046' returned where user password contains capital letters.

Latest 'VAT Return Form (Old Style)' Release - Version 1.3 (2nd July 2018)
Summary of Recent Releases

V1.3 (02 Jul 2018) - Now allows VAT Period End Date to be any day of the month.
V1.2 (25 Jun 2018) - Included the text '(Old Style)' in the software title to disquingish from the separate '(MTD)' product.
V1.1 (05 May 2018) - Minor defect fixes. Now allows negative entries.
V1.0 (23 Jan 2018) - Initial Release.