Customer Comments and Reviews

(Bridging software for online filing of the MTD compliant Tax Returns to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs)

NJT VAT Return Manager (MTD)

Date Licence Type Customer Comments
02 Mar 2021 Agency10 Absolutely would love to renew my licence! Love the programme!.
26 Feb 2021 Agency25 I would definitely like to renew my MTD-VAT software with you. You provide excellent software, value for money, and your customer support is better than any other I have ever come across.
02 Feb 2021 Business I would like to renew please. Since getting the install to work last year (with your support), this solution has worked very well for us.
01 Feb 2021 Business I have just paid this by bank transfer. Thank you for a bit of software that works so well and is simple to use!
22 Jan 2021 Business5 I’ve submitted 2 VAT returns and made payment to you via bank transfer. Thanks very much, I love this software.
08 Oct 2020 Business The licence has been renewed successfully and just paid you via electronic transfer. Just to add that the VAT return manager is very user friendly so thank you!
04 Sep 2020 Business Thanks Neil. Great responsiveness, great software, great attention to detail with updates etc.
23 Jul 2020 Business Yes please, we would like to renew. Thank you for your excellent software and service.
09 Jul 2020 Business and Agency50 I Thank you so much! Your software and support over this last year has been top notch. Without you none of us would have coped with MTD.
03 Jul 2020 Business I am writing to confirm I would like to renew the licence please. Thank you for such an excellent usable system.
03 Jul 2020 Business Yes, I would like to renew the licence as the software works flawlessly and would like to pay by bank transfer.
08 Apr 2020 Business I hope all is well with you and your family. Many thanks for sending through the invoice and just to let you know I am sending a cheque in payment today.
Also wanted to say thanks for providing such an excellent product and service, it has been so simple to use and made the transfer over to MTD very painless. I have also recommended you to a couple of other small businesses who needed similar.
25 Mar 2020 Business Yes please – the tool has been excellent and makes the VAT return process nice and easy... so a definite renewal for us please.
20 Mar 2020 Business Hello, I'd like to renew my licence please. BTW very satisfied with how well the software works - and how idiot proof it is!
06 Mar 2020 Agency25 I would love to renew my licence with you. Your program is hands down the best piece of accounts software I have ever used and I only wish more programs were as user friendly as yours.
04 Feb 2020 Business I’ve just completed our December 2019 VAT return and I wanted to thank you for your software which makes the process remarkably straightforward.
17 Jan 2020 Business I see that you are still beavering away on the versions – it really is a dream to use so thanks for that.
06 Jan 2020 Business Just updated and used your software, and it all went well. It even spotted that I was a penny out with a rounding issue. For the update from 4.6 to 4.9, I just followed the on-screen prompts, and it behaved exactly as described. Submitting the actual return only took a few minutes.
18 Dec 2019 Business10 I've now managed to sort the signup issue with HMRC and have successfully submitted the VAT return this afternoon. Thanks again for the wonderful software without it I'm not sure what I'd have done!
21 Nov 2019 Business10 That was really easy, thanks Neil.
04 Nov 2019 Business We’ve been using your (excellent!) MTD bridging software now for three VAT returns and have had no issue and appreciate the various update/upgrades which have also installed fine. Originally on Excel 2010 and now on 2016, all works seamlessly. [If only some of the megacorp outfits did as well. ;} ]
27 Sep 2019 Business Just to say a huge Thank-you for your assistance the other day especially whilst on holiday, I have sorted the problem and have successfully submitted our return. I hope you get home without any problems and once again thank-you.
02 Sep 2019 Business Software is great by the way, the bridge works really well.
29 Aug 2019 Business Just wanted to let you know we have just registered our vat return no problems. Thank you for your help and great software.
16 Aug 2019 Business I wish to thank you so very much for taking the angst out of MTD which, since I started looking some months back into what was required by HMRC, I have been calling ‘Make Taxpayers Despair’.
It was a heinous task, sifting thru’ HMRC’s list of firms providing bridging s/w, looking at numerous of those offerings and finding most of them to be completely lacking in practical information for the uninitiated, those who have been used to Excel for donkey’s years and manual VAT returns.
I didn’t find your website via HMRC but via a Google search and WHAT a lucky day that was for me! What joy to discover a company which clearly explained all the whys and wherefores, all the steps needed to conform with MTD and with an Oh So Useful demo too. That was remarkable, invaluable and far excelled the incomprehensible 2-minute Youtube clips provided by other firms. I am not saying that I will not continue to have a bit of anxiety for the 1st couple of MTD VAT returns I submit for, horses for courses, in my line of work things mathematical tend escape me unless they are of the dimensional variety.
I congratulate you on the clarity and breadth of the information on your website.
I am so much more than pleased to have discovered NJT and hope many who have found/find themselves in ‘Despair’ have or will discover NJT too.
15 Aug 2019 Business Thank you for making this software. I was vexed when MTD seemed to be forcing me to upgrade from a one off cost sage to a perpetual monthly spend with Sage. I hope the software is working well for you.
06 Aug 2019 Business Just to let you know the VAT return I was struggling with has been filed successfully. I couldn’t have done it without your help for which I am most grateful.
31 Jul 2019 Business Thank you for all your help. I have managed to file 3 returns for one of my companies successfully, much appreciated.
29 Jul 2019 Business Have downloaded the updated demo and all is working well. It's a very clever and elegant solution. Instructions are very clear and simple. Well done. I think you should be put in charge of HMRC!
29 Jul 2019 Business I've just made a live VAT return and it went through perfectly! This has made a potential nightmare into an easy process so well done on your work and we look forward to renewing our licence with you!
26 Jul 2019 Business Great product, well done. Can we get one new single Business licence please?
23 Jul 2019 Business50 I was able to submit all 40 companies in the space of 30 minutes, Excellent solution.
18 Jul 2019 Business I’ve just done my first MTD return and it seems to have worked a treat so thank you – your software interface and help section are excellent – especially as I sadly know next to nothing about excel as I rarely use it!
16 Jul 2019 Business Just wanted to pass on my thanks. I have just submitted our first client VAT return and it was incredibly straight forward. The user guide was simple to follow, the template such a help, the online support was excellent. Couldn’t ask for anything else!
11 Jul 2019 Business Many thanks for this …….I paid the Invoice this afternoon and have got my Authority Granted from HMRC so all set-up and ready for my next submission. Thank you very much for your assistance, it’s much appreciated.
10 Jul 2019 Business Just filed first VAT return for a client – worked perfectly!
08 Jul 2019 Business Many thanks. Our VAT Return for Period 06/19 was successfully submitted to HMRC earlier this afternoon. We'll certainly be recommending your VAT MTD solution to colleagues, friends, family and our accountant (if he's still looking for the best way for his other clients to meet the new requirements)!
06 Jul 2019 Business Thanks Neil. I have made payment to your account via Same Day Payment. You should now have the funds. PS I am impressed with your software. I am an independent IT application consultant so that is a real compliment.
26 Jun 2019 Business Just to report that I've had my HMRC "OK" to registration & successfully submitted my quarterly return via NJT s/w. I'd just say that I found your s/w easy to use and very well designed .... I tried a competitor ???? s/w a few weeks ago and wasted a good few hours getting nowhere and getting lousy support!
11 Jun 2019 Business Thanks Neil - this is brilliant.
09 May 2019 Business Many thanks for the latest SAP ERP Mapping table update. It works an absolute treat.
18 Apr 2019 Business Morning Neil – just letting you know that my submission went without a hitch once I’d overcome MY rounding issue. Have a good Easter break and thanks again for all your efforts.
16 Apr 2019 Business Woo hoo! VAT return filed!! It is done! Thank you so much for this software and all the support. Off to pay for the licence now.
16 Apr 2019 Business Thank you Neil – well done on the software. Easy to use and with a comprehensive import capability.
09 Apr 2019 Business Worked like a dream first time of asking. Being operated by a novice. Magic!
03 Apr 2019 Multiple Congratulations on producing a very fine piece of software. I have now had the opportunity of trying it, and it works perfectly, with some great data validation – you even picked up I had left a cell blank as opposed to entering a zero, for example!! It works even better than I had anticipated with regards to use by myself and my clients, as there is absolutely no need for them to set up any formulae (as per your useful instructions).
I give them a button within the Excel accounts to produce a VAT return. This flags all the relevant transactions which make up the return for that period, and then generates a sheet with the 9 boxes of values for the VAT return. I have titled that sheet MTD-VAT, and added the four extra rows for the Name, Vat Number, Start Date and End Date, and your program picked up all of the values absolutely fine.
I will discuss things with my clients, but I am sure that they will all wish to proceed with your system. At the very modest price you are charging, I doubt there is much scope for a commission, if I sell 5 or 6 in the first instance – but if you don’t ask, you don’t get.
One very small suggestion. Your form for running the whole routine is resizable and modal, but your Help form isn’t. I think it would be helpful if it were, as those with very large monitors could have the Help screen open side by side with the main screen, or those with multiple screen setups (like myself) could move the help to be open on a different screen. Just a thought.
10 Mar 2019 Multiple Thank you so much for your quick and helpful reply, especially over a weekend. I see it all now. I had not read the page of your website with that detail on but I have been through everything now. I realise now I have been under a misunderstanding about MTD from the start. I thought the whole point of it was that HMRC would get some kind of list of the transactions making up the totals shown in the 9 boxes.
For example, on one course I went on, there was a big debate about whether retail businesses could continue to record their takings weekly (as most do) or whether they would have to start to record them daily. If the actual transactions do not go to HMRC, why would this matter?!
Anyway, I added a sheet MTD-VAT1 to a client’s workbook which is just a list of inputs and outputs and used sumifs formulas pick up the figures for the boxes. This worked immediately first time and imported sweetly into your software. Marvellous! I shall certainly recommend your software to those clients of mine who use Excel and I can help them tweak their spreadsheets accordingly.
I use Iris for my own software and that has a VAT filer option which is supposed to do the same thing as your software but I am wholly in the dark as to how it works. Your demo software is marvellous and I shall recommend it to my colleagues.
15 Feb 2019 Business I have now successfully coded a VBA output from MS Access into a CSV file, and successfully imported the file into NJT demo. So will sign up! Thanks for your help. All very straight forward and very well documented.
28 Jan 2019 Multiple Hope your well – I ran through the simulator on Friday. Can I just say it’s brilliant – we are running some further tests and will be putting together a package this week to roll out to the user group.
21 Jan 2019 Business Following our telephone conversation a couple of weeks ago re MTD, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent assistance and to let you know we have decided to purchase the software in April once HMRC have made the switchover. I downloaded the demo on your advice and all worked perfectly with the pre-prepared excel spreadsheet as per your clear instructions. Thank you for making MTD as far less daunting process and look forward to using the live system.