NJT VAT Return Manager

(Bridging software for online filing of the MTD compliant VAT Returns to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs)

How to Renew your Software licence

  1. Email your Order to 'support@NeilsonJamesTech.co.uk'
    • Specify the Licence Type:
      'Renew MTD VAT 'Business' licence' or
      'Renew MTD VAT 'BusinessXX' licence' (where xx = No. VAT accounts)
      'Renew MTD VAT 'AgencyXX' licence' (where xx = No. of Clients)
      Please choose the required number from the available licences within the 'Software Prices' section. E.G. 'Business10' or 'Agency10'.

    • Please Include:
      Your Business Name, VAT Registration No (Where Registered), Address, Telephone and Contact Name.

    • In Addition:
      Please provide the 'Licence Number.' allocated to you during your intial purchase.

  2. You will then receive an email containing:
    Your new Activation Key and a Purchase Invoice, which includes the NJT Bank details to facilitate electronic payment.

  3. Open your workbook, Then click the 'Renew Licence' button on the Dashboard.
    • Check your Business Name and Licence Number.
    • Select the relevant Licence Type.
    • Enter the Activation Key and click 'Activate'.