NJT VAT Return Manager

(Bridging software for online filing of the MTD compliant VAT Returns to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs)

Importing from Microsoft Access

The following section describes the detailed technical requirements for importing from an Excel workbook that has been exported from Microsoft Access, using the NJT standard format.

Access Export File Specification (Exported as an Excel workbook)

One of the main principles of Making Tax Digital is that any transfer of data must be undertaken digitally. To facilitate businesses that use Microsoft Access based Accounting systems, a function is provided to allow preprared VAT returns to be imported via an Excel workbook that contains a worksheet conforming to a 'Standard Format' as defined by NJT. The pre-requisite being that businesses are able to export to an Excel workbook as per the following example.

MTD Access Import Example
Workbook and Worksheet Definition:
Worksheet Cells Definition: