NJT VAT Return Manager (MTD)

(Bridging software for online filing of the MTD compliant VAT Returns to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs)

How to Purchase (Businesses with a Single VAT Account)

Prior to April 2019, Businesses may volunteer to join the MTD VAT 'Public' Pilot. However, only those Businesses that meet the HMRC 'Eligibility' criteria may actually join. The term 'Pilot' simply means that Businesses may signup to MTD in advance of April 2019.

Although it is not compulsory to signup to MTD before you purchase the software, if you don't signup first, the use of the software will be very limited. This is because, when you first use the software, you need to 'Grant Authority' using your MTD account. Also you will be unable to retrieve your obligated VAT return until you have granted authority.
Therefore you may wish to check your eligibility before purchasing the software (see link below).

There are different software options available. The unlicensed 'Live Evaluation' option is free of charge and is available to downloaded from this website. The 'Business', 'Business10', 'Business25' and 'AgencyXX' licence options are subject to an annual licence fee. (Where 'XX' is the maximum number of clients).

Please Note: As you have a single VAT account, you will require the 'Business' licence.
Your 'Live Evaluation' version is upgraded to a licensed 'Business' version, by purchasing a software licence and then entering an 'Activation' Key. This then allows you to submit VAT returns.


Please Note: The global term 'Taxpayer' covers to all types of Taxpayer, including Businesses, Limited Companies and Individuals.

Step by Step Guide

  1. To find out if your Business meets the 'Pilot' eligibility criteria and to sign up to MTD, click on the following link.
    [Click here] Businesses: Use software to submit your VAT Returns
  2. Note: Within the HMRC website, scroll down then click on the link 'Sign up for the Pilot'.

  3. Click on one of the following links to download and install the 'VAT Return Manager (MTD)'.
    Then return to this page and continue at the next step.
    [Click here] If you wish to install on your computer.
    [Click here] If you wish to install on a Server.

    Tip: To return, click on the 'Left Arrow' icon on the top left of the browser.

  4. Using the software:
    • Read the 'Terms of Use' carefully then accept.
    • Add your Taxpayer record. (Set the 'HMRC Account Type' to 'Taxpayer')
    • Using your MTD account, Grant Authority to allow the software to submit your VAT Returns.
    • Attempt to retrieve the obligated VAT Return from HMRC.
      Please Note: HMRC has stated that it may take up to 3 working days before you can retrieve your first obligation.
    • Then Import the VAT Return. (optional for the purposes of purchasing a licence)

  5. Once you have successfully retrieved your obligated VAT Return, contact NJT by email and place a purchase order for a 'Business' Licence as follows:
    1. Email your Order to 'support@NeilsonJamesTech.co.uk'
      • Specify the Licence Type:
        'New 'Business' licence'

      • Please Include:
        Your Business Name, VAT Registration Number, Address, Telephone and Contact Name.

      • Please Note: Your VAT Registration Number will be used as your Licence Number.

    2. You will then receive an email containing:
      Your new Activation Key, Licence Number and a Purchase Invoice, which includes the NJT Bank details to facilitate electronic payment.

    3. Open your 'Live Evaluation' workbook.

    4. Then click the 'Purchase Licence' button on the Dashboard.
      • Enter your Business Name and Licence Number.
      • Select the Licence Type 'Business'.
      • Enter the Activation Key and click 'Activate'.

  6. Once you have successfully activated the software, you will be able to submit your VAT Return.