NJT VAT Return Manager (MTD)

(Bridging software for online filing of the MTD compliant VAT Returns to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs)

Installing New Software Releases & Transferring your Data

The 'NJT VAT Return Manager (MTD)' bridging software is an application, within a Microsoft Excel workbook. As is the case with most Excel workbooks, your data is stored within the workbook.
Consequently, When new versions of the software are released, you will need to download the new 'Empty' workbook, then transfer your data to that workbook.
The Version 2.1 release, introduced an automated routine to transfer your data to new releases of the software.

Step 1: Check for a new version
  1. Click on the 'Check for New Product Version' button.
  2. If you are already using the latest version, a message will confirm this and no further action is required.
  3. If a new version is available, a form (Window) will be displayed, describing the new version.
    Note: You can tick a box to automatically check for new versions each time the workbook is opened. Simply untick the box if you prefer to check manually.
Step 2: Download the new version
  1. Click on the 'Download' button.
    The new version of the workbook will be downloaded and saved automatically to the same folder as your current version.
Step 3: Transfer your data to the new version
  1. Click on the 'Transfer' button.
      The following events will occur.
    • A full Backup of your existing data will be saved to the sub folder '\Backup'.
    • The new version will be opened and your data will be transferred.
    • The current version will be saved and closed.
    Note: After this process is complete, it is recommended that you move the previous version to the sub folder '\Archive' to avoid confusion as to which version to use.